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Out of the Plains

by Kevin Pike, John Kotchian & David Seay

Released 2016
Released 2016
Free Jazz explorations combining hurdy gurdy, musical saw, harmonica and yak horn with sax, bass and drums.
Longtime collaborators Kevin Pike and John Kotchian are joined by multi-instrumentalist David Seay on this abstract exploration of the Great Plains, past and present. The album features unique orchestration for a jazz trio, including hurdy gurdy, yak horn and musical saw combined with sax and drums.

Each track title refers to a different event or aspect of life in the Great Plains:
1. The Great Gathering at the Platte
About the annual Sandhill Crane migration in Nebraska where 500,000 cranes gather along the Platte river each spring
Orchestration: hurdy gurdy, saxophone, bass and drums

2. Prehistoric Fish
In the Great Plains, states like Nebraska and Kansas were part of the ocean in prehistoric times.
Orchestration: musical saw, alto saxophone, drums

3. I-80
Interstate 80 runs across Nebraska and other states in the Great Plains
Orchestration: alto sax, harmonica, bass and drums

4. The Ballad of Chief Standing Bear
Native American Chief Standing Bear of the Ponca tribe played a prominent role in the history of civil rights for Native Americans. The landmark case Bear v. Crook in 1869 established that Habeus Corpus applies to all people in America regardless of race.
Orchestration: didgeridoo, yak horn, bugle, saxophone, drums

5. Dust Bowl
Severe drought and poor farming methods caused the Dust Bowl in the 1930's, a devastating time in depression-era Great Plains.
Orchestration: alto sax, harmonica, bass, drums

6. Green Sky
Powerful storms and tornadoes in the Great Plains are always preceded by a green-colored sky.
Orcestration: bass, wind chimes, baritone saxophone, whirly tube, rainstick, thunder sheet, alto saxophone, drums

7. Where the Buffalo Roamed
American Bison once roamed the Great Plains in huge numbers, only to reach virtual extinction in the 1890's from white settlers and hunters during the buffalo "gold rush."
Orchestration: gourd ocarina, ocarina, shekere, tiple, saxophone, banjo, drums

8. Out of the Plains
Orchestration: hurdy gurdy, baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, drums

9. Home Away from Home
Orchestration: alto saxophone, bass, drums, chimes

David Seay: hurdy gurdy, saw, harmonica, yak horn, didgeridoo, bugle, tiple, banjo, ocarina, thunder sheet, whirly tube
Kevin Pike: alto sax, baritone sax, gourd ocarina, rainstick, whirly tube, wind chimes, orchestral chimes
John Kotchian: drums, bass, shekere, rainstick, thunder sheet