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The Sound of Things

by Kevin Pike

Released 2015
Released 2015
A collection of sonic tone poems about life in the 21st century, featuring traditional instruments combined with the sound of things from the world around us.
The Sound of Things is an abstract exploration of life in the early 21st century.

Composer/saxophonist Kevin Pike explores themes of technology, nature and the human experience by combining traditional instruments with sounds from the natural world.

The first 12 tracks on the album are each about a different aspect of 21st-century life.
The album finishes with a symphonic recomposition of these 12 tracks into 4 movements.

1. 21st Century Ambition
technology: idea stage to mass consumption
2. Crowdsource Waltz
“general consensus” in the internet age
3. The Cat’s Meow
the growing influence of cats
4. Lullabyed
family themes passed from one generation to the next
5. Click
the things we click and the content we choose to consume
6. Transformation Nocturne for Industrial Shrinkwrap Machine
automation and what it means to perform the same task over and over
7. The Ol’ Ballgame
handheld electronic games vs. the real thing
8. Tok Tic
time and its constant fluctuations
9. Back in the Today
different views of experience
10. Magic
the truly magical events in our life
11. A Walk in the Nonlinear Matrix
the ever-changing landscape
12. Hear Me Out
dialogue in the age of social media
13. The Sound of Things
a symphonic recomposition of the original 12 tracks into 4 movements:

I. Allegro ma non troppo
II. Dolce e cantabile
III. Agitato un poco loco
IV. Vivace con brio