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Kevin Pike - saxophonist and composer

I love music. All types of music. I've been composing and recording since I was a kid. My music explorations have taken me in different directions through the years.

Jazz Saxophone: Saxophone is my main instrument. I've played in many jazz groups over the years. These include various jazz combos, as well as free jazz groups like the Pike/Kotchian Duo, Flamethrower and the SPK trio. One of my favorite formats for jazz is the duo, with sax/bass, sax/guitar or sax/piano. I also love jazz/funk and fusion which you can check out on my album FUNK 204.

Composition: I enjoy composing in different styles. This goes hand in hand with recording. I've released 20 concept albums in different genres. On some of these recordings I perform all of the parts, and others I've recorded with musicians I've met over the years. Some of the more unusual albums I've created include The Sound of Things and so se kwa. The Sound of Things is an abstract commentary on life in the 21st century, combining field recordings of sounds in the every day world with composed instrumental lines and percussion. so se kwa is my musical homage to Brazilian corner club music from the early '70s. My other albums are more traditional, like the jazz duets on One By One or the jazz/funk of FUNK 204. You can learn more about my recording process and song catalog on my podcast, Look What I Made.

Collecting and Learning new instruments: I love collecting instruments and incorporating them into my recordings. My favorites are small, cheap percussion instruments that you can find at a craft fair, theme park or toy store. Saxophone is my main instrument, but I've taken lessons on mandolin and banjo to better learn stringed instruments to incorporate in my recordings.

Influenced by where I've lived: I grew up in Connecticut and studied classical and jazz saxophone with a number of private teachers. I also composed and recorded a bunch of songs as a kid with a Tascam 4-track and Yamaha synthesizer.  I went to Chicago for college, where I received a jazz studies degree from DePaul University. I lived in Chicago for 13 years and played in groups such as the Navy Pier Jazz Quartet and my classical+jazz sax and acoustic bass guitar duo with Adam Johnson. In 2004, I moved to Omaha, Nebraska. This sparked an interest in free jazz in the Pike/Kotchian Duo and Flamethrower. I've also played a lot of combo jazz in Omaha and recorded albums both in my home studio and other recording studios in town.

Listen Here: I have several playlists on Spotify you can check out. : This is a huge list of my recordings. I often release recordings under an artist name other than Kevin Pike, so these are included on the playlist.

Songs from the Look What I Made podcast: This is a list of songs that I talk about in my Look What I Made podcast

What I'm listening to now: These are songs I'm currently listening to on Spotify.

clube da esquina 🎧 so se kwa: My favorite Brazilian record and the album it inspired

Timeline of recordings and music projects

2024 - Saxojo
2022 - Pandemic Tunes
2021 - Songs in the Key of Banjo
2019 - Beethoven Pathetique
2018 - FUNK 204
2016 - Out of the Plains
2015 - The Sound of Things
2015 - SPK Trio at Omaha Under the Radar
2013 - Flamethrower live at O'Leaver's
2011 - Kutiman video "My Favorite Color"
2011 - pulse/flow
2010 - so se kwa
2007 - Confessions of a DIY Junkie
2007 - Once Upon A Time in Omaha - free jazz session
2006 - Podcast Music
2006 - Christmas Snowballin'
2005 - Fractured Intution
2005 - Big Ol Chunka Funk
2004 - Wachet Auf und Spielt das Saxophon
2004 - One By One
2002 - Rock n Roll Wasteland
1999 - microjazz
1998 - Funky Junkie
1998 - I
1995-1997 Navy Pier Jazz Quartet
1991-1995 Jazz Studies major at DePaul University